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Michel Jouenne né en 1933 à Boulogne-Billancourt, et est décédé en 2021 à Clamart.


Michel Jouenne was born in 1933 in Boulogne-Billancourt, and died in 2021 in Clamart. 


He is a painter, illustrator, lithographer and sculptor. He was appointed official painter of the French Navy in 1991.

He was among the talented young painters of the fifties.


A famous painter considered a master of figurative painting, Michel Jouenne was also Official Painter of the Navy. Jouenne is a prolific artist, his works depicting life and the natural beauty of our planet through landscapes filled with colours. His paintings demonstrate his joy of creation. They astonish by their both opaque and translucent materials.


Michel Jouenne is known as much for his marine paintings as for his Mediterranean landscapes. Inspired by the monuments and streets of Paris, he remains a lover of the south of France. Today the Michel Jouenne Foundation in Marseille is a museum dedicated to the artist.

His exhibitions reflect a style of creation that never gets old.


He remains captivated by the gray walls, the havens of silence of the mountainous villages of Eygalières, Baux, and Moustiers…


He amazes with his materials, both opaque and translucent, his large watercolour and tiled planes, the luminous, smooth, porcelain shimmer.


In each canvas, we see the joy of his creation of landscapes or seascapes: silent landscapes amidst roaring waves. (Guy Vignot “Univers des Arts”) 


Between 1973 and 2006, Michel Jouenne received many awards and medals, including the gold medal of arts and humanities, knight of cultural and artistic merit and received the first prize of lithography.

Le livre de Michel Jouenne,

Hommage au pays des Fjords

Édité par la Galerie Vieceli 

Dans cet ouvrage, découvrez les oeuvres majeures de l’artiste


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