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la biographie

Kaloon Chhour was born in 1968 in Cambodia.


Of Chinese origin, he is today a French citizen. After studying at the Hong Kong Art Academy, he took painting courses in Paris where he discovered and became fascinated by the great impressionist masters, who themselves were inspired by Asian art.


His style was at first figurative but it quickly evolved towards impressionism and fauvism. He remained faithful to this style for many years. 


At the age of 35, he radically shifted towards abstraction while keeping his strong colour palette, powerful lines, harmonious volumes, an underlying calligraphy and oil painting techniques. 

Kaloon Chhour use a large range of colours; he creates powerful and harmonious paintings.


They are technical and utilise glazes and dripping. He makes good use of painting mediums, brushes and knives…


Chhour’s work is abstract with impressionist and Asian influences, a true mix combining his culture and roots with western pictorial art. His works are vibrant, transporting the viewer into his captivating universe.