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la biographie

Herve Loilier was born in 1948 in Paris.


A 1970 graduate of the Polytechnic School and the National School of Decorative Arts, Hervé Loilier was a student of Pierre Jerome and Lucien Fontanarosa.


He was a professor of visual arts at the Polytechnic Institute from 1973 to 2012. At the same time he continued his pictorial work.


Hervé Loilier’s painting feels familiar to us. We find ourselves in a land of knowledge, between dream and recollection.


We enter the dazzling world of the painter as we go on a journey, eager to discover and struck by the vibrations of shimmering colours that sing to us mysterious odes.

Hervé Loilier is drawn to the harmony and beauty of forms, and sends a sensory message to us. Whilst the subject is figurative, the pictorial language integrates the discoveries of abstraction.


The atmosphere is poetic and mesmerising; the shadow and the light take us to the boundaries of mystical countries.


The Vieceli Gallery invites you to a delightful saunter through subtle and refined paintings, rich in reflections and treasures inspired by Hervé Loilier trips between East and West.

Le livre d’Hervé Loilier,

Entre Orient et Occident

Édité par la Galerie Vieceli 

Dans cet ouvrage, découvrez les oeuvres majeures de l’artiste


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