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la biographie

Born in Lorient in 1946, he died in 2019 in Paris. 


Gérard Le Nalbaut kept his dreams alive from a childhood spent watching ships sail away. His luminous style charms the viewer. The delicacy of the brushwork, the mastered art of transparency and the flamboyant strength of the shades make him a bold and skilled colourist.


The inspiration is always dreamlike, bordering on the abstract. The evanescent figures wearing diaphanous dresses are surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, forming a marvellous tropical symphony that invites us to find our muse.


By making us walk in these gardens of dreams, the painter reconciles us with the fantastical journeys buried in the depths of our soul.

Through his talent, he creates universes in which the female characters are in perfect harmony with the luxuriant nature surrounding them.


His creations celebrate women and their refined elegance never ceases to intrigue the eye.


Gérad Le Nalbau’s paintings suggest a strange plant architecture; the alliances of colours are bold but seduce us by their intensity.


Far from academic formalism, the paintings of Gerard Le Nalbaut are an ode to sensuality.