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Monique ORSINI

la biographie

Monique Orsini was born in Quercitello in Corsica in 1937.


She was born to parents who were teachers, her father dedicating his leisure time to painting, enjoying reproducing works of famous artists. From early childhood, the young girl was naturally attracted to visual arts, encouraged by her father’s constant complicity. 


The circumstances of her artistic life led her to meet and rub shoulders with artists such as Karel Appel, Olivier Debré, Bram Van Velde, Hartung or Pierre Soulages. 

Bengt Lindstrom held a special place in her life, as the Swedish artist strongly supported her and encouraged her to show her work. 


‘Painting is essential to me, just as breathing is. It compelled me to a voluntary discipline, and at the same time stimulates me and offers balance.’ Monique Orsini