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Michèle TAUPIN

Michèle TAUPIN

la biographie

Michèle Taupin was born in Paris, but she could have been born somewhere in ancient Greece, on the banks of the Nile or in Florence…


‘An immense desire has always driven me to paint,’ she says.


This insatiable need for colour and form materialise in the form of a quickly executed sketch based on themes from mythology or allegories.


Each canvas is a true creation where everything is composed, orchestrated in a world of unity and harmony. 

Michèle Taupin’s painting comes from a desire for wholeness.


She structures, geometrizes, underlines the beauty of the curves to sculpt timeless figures.


With sensitivity and determination, Michèle Taupin draws us towards the mysteries of the eternal feminine and composes for us all the timeless and soothing song of the woman.


She has exhibitions in France but also in many countries. Today she teaches visual arts at the Ecole Polytechnique.