la biographie

Jonone, whose real name is John Andrew Perello, is a painter and graffiti artist of Dominican origin, born in New York in 1963. 


Since his childhood, Jonone forged his artistic style by tagging the trains and walls of his native Harlem. 


Without any artistic training, Jonone tags by means of his imagination and advocates freedom through all his works.


Thanks to his friend A-One, a street artist who travels all over Europe, Jonone came to see his work as serious art and not as vandalism. He visits exhibitions to enrich his vision of the world and thereby evolve in the artistic world.

It was after his arrival in Paris in 1987 that the self-taught artist moved from urban mediums to the canvas without relinquishing graffiti.


His creations are clearly inspired by his experiences; the street, metro and hip-hop. He creates abstract works influenced by the movement, colour and energy of the city. 


In his graffiti paintings, emptiness and white are absent, the space is entirely covered in vibrant and rich colours. The tones and contrasts of the different shades reveal subtle nuances. Each of his paintings is an abstract improvisation, whose brilliance radiates joie de vivre.


Jonone managed to rapidly create a name for himself in the Parisian artistic scene.