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Jean-Paul KALA

la biographie

Jean Paul Kala is a Congolese artist born in 1970 in North Kivu.


Jean Paul Kala manages to transform metallic surfaces into real contemporary art objects thanks to his meticulousness, his talent and his imagination.


His refined works are a true ode to the powerful and authentic nature of his birthplace: ‘North Kivu’.

Attracted by raw material and mechanics, the aspiring artist was eager to experiment.


He was still a teenager when he discovered metal welding and shaping, a technique that changed his life as he quickly became a recognised expert.

He had dreamed of Europe for years. In the 2000s he decided to move to Belgium where he perfected his technique with the best, thereby obtaining the recognition of his peers and the most demanding connoisseurs.


His creations are characterised by organic, elegant and generous curves. A technical mastery combined with extreme meticulousness transforms metal into masterful creations of contemporary art.