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la biographie

Guy Demun was born in 1938 in Toulouse.


He joined the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse in 1956


With him, there is no desire to provoke or flatter, but a simple desire to express feelings through silent image.


While mankind thrives from social interactions, silence is the key to artists’ inner worlds. 

For Guy Demun, the act of painting and freedom are intimately linked and are based on the same idea: bringing together, on canvas or paper, the visible and the invisible.


There can be no tricks, no schemes, no flattering approach, but pure authenticity and a sincere will to help the viewer feel the emotions experienced by the artist.


Through his characters’ gestures we enter a world that we must interpret according to our own state of mind, by understanding his silence.


Musuems, street art: once Guy Demun starts talking about his travels and discoveries, there’s no stopping him. As he put it: ‘There is more to travelling than going to touristic places, It can also be way to enter the unknown, far from the over-visited places that everyone knows.’

Le livre de Guy Demun,

Édité par le Léopard d’or en collaboration avec la Galerie Vieceli

Dans cet ouvrage, découvrez les oeuvres majeures de l’artiste


En édition limitée