la biographie

Arman was born in Nice in 1928 and died in 2005 in New York at the age of 76.


Arman was a French-American painter and sculptor. He was famous for his unique sculptures made of found objects known as “accumulations”. 


In 1961, Arman pursued his career in New York.

Inspired by the philosophy and aesthetics of Dadaism, he became interested in the roles of objects and the relationship that society has with them, between sacredness and accumulation.

Belonging to the New Realism movement alongside Yves Klein and Jean Tinguely, Arman responded to the emergence of Pop Art through his own critique of consumption, waste and mass production, particularly through his ‘poubelle’ (trash) series in the early 1960s.


Arman uses numerous techniques in particular the accumulation and the destruction of objects as well as the display of many monumental sculptures in the public space in many cities around the world.