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la biographie

Annabelle Delaigue was born in 1974 in Dijon.


This young artist is entirely self-taught and has an unusual background. Although she was immersed in the world of sculpture at a very young age, nothing could have predicted her rare gift. 


It was after she attempted to create a bust of her son Hugo that professionals became interested in her work.

She was the assistant of a renowned sculptor for two years, who said of her: 

‘There was this fluidity in her, perhaps her pure blue eyes, or her way of living, timidly, in the corners of life.


One day, this fragility permeated into this paradox of bronze.


She puts her works in front of her, as if to hide herself from view. But her works reveal her.’

Annabelle Delaigue passed away on August 13, 2018.