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la biographie

Albert Avetissian was born in 1949 and spent his childhood in Armenia’s capital, Erevan.


Albert Avetissian is a sculptor who lives and works in France. He is a member of the Armenian and Russian Painters’ Unions, the UNESCO Painters’ Union, the European Academy of Arts, and a member of the Academy of Arts, Science and Literature in France.


At a very early age, he showed great interest in the arts, and at the age of 6, he carried out his professional training at the Yerevan Academy of Arts in 1971.


He was still a student when his compositions and sculptural portraits were exhibited first in Armenia, then in Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, Egypt, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

His creations tend to either be small compositions or monumental pieces.


He primarily works with bronze, stone, copper, brass and marble. Between 1970 and 1996, he created more than 20 large-scale monuments, as well as numerous decorative compositions, which today embellish squares, administrative buildings, cultural and leisure centres in Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and France.


His works can be found in the best galleries in Paris, Moscow and St. Petersburg.