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Jean-Claude NOVARO

la biographie

Jean Claude NOVARO, souffleur de verre, génie de la couleur. 


Cet immense artiste a su imprimer sa marque depuis un demi-siècle. 

Jean Claude Novaro was a glassblower and genius of colour. 


This great artist left his mark for half a century. Jean Claude Novaro was born in Antibes in 1943 and died in Monaco in 2014.


He left school at the age of 14 to join Eloi Monod’s glassworks factory in Biot. His rapid mastery of glass allowed him to become a master glassmaker by the age of 20


In 1977, he founded his own glass factory in which he carried out production and research, developing his own designs and thus simultaneously experimenting with several glassmaking techniques.


His original ideas give rise to original pieces that attract the attention of connoisseurs. His works were then exported to Monaco, then to the United States, where he became a real star. Americans called him ‘The King of the Glass’. 

With the secret alchemy of a molten material, fuelled by an incredible inventive potential and touches of light.


Whether on the surface or trapped between two layers of glass, enamels, metal oxides, inclusions of gold leaves intrigue with their intensity and form-free, capricious and innovative patterns.


The vivacity of a perfectly mastered gesture, which responds to intimate impulses. The artist captures mixtures of colours to create, with brightness, a majestic work of power.