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la biographie

Didier Pierre Chamizo is a French contemporary painter born in 1951 in Cahors (Lot). 


He is considered as one of the precursors of street art.


He spent more than ten years in prison, following a judicial error, and was cleared and pardoned by François Mitterand.


In 1985, he painted the first works of the ‘Liberty’ series in the jail of Saint-Etienne, a way to send a message during the bicentenary of the Independence of the United States.


Didier Chamizo’s figurative pictorial output is derived from Lettrism and perceived as an alternative to graffiti art or tag.

Creator of abstract-figurative lettering, his works are hard-hitting and critical and are fuelled by daily life (social, political, philosophical, show business…).


The artist synthesises it to retain only the traces left in our culture.


A politically engaged artist in the post-modern sense, he criticises the art market, denouncing the lack of representation of artists from poor countries.


Chamizo exhibits with the greatest contemporary artists, Jeff Koons, Arman, Niki de Saint-Phalle, César, Combas, the Di Rosa brothers, Kenny Scharf, Birk Dietman, Erro, Antonio Segui…